Amir Khasrau : The Anti-Hindu Sufi

Amir Khasrau
Shaykh Nizamuddin Auliya’s exalted disciple, is lauded as the greatest liberal Sufi poet of medieval India. His coming toIndia, deem many modern historians, as a blessing for the subcontinent. He had the good fortune of working at
the royal court of three successive sultans. Regarded as one of India’s greatest poets, he is also credited
with being a great contributor to Indian classical music and the creator of Qawwali (Sufi devotional music). The invention of the Tabla (an Indian drum) is usually attributed to him. There is little doubt about Amir Khasrau’s achievements in music and poetry. But when it came to the fallen infidels and their religion, his bigoted Islamic zeal was very much evident. In describing
Muslim victories against the Hindu kings, he mocks their religious traditions, such as “tree” and “stoneidol ” worship.
Mocking the stoneidols, destroyed by Muslim warriors, he wrote: ‘Praise be to God for his exaltation of the
religion of Muhammad. It is not to be doubted that  stones are worshipped by the Gabrs (derogatory slang for
idolaters), but as stones did no service to them, they only bore to heaven the futility of that worship.’
Amir Khasrau showed delight in describing the barbaric slaughter of Hindu captives by Muslim warriors. Describing Khizr Khan’s order to massacre 30,000 Hindus in the conquest of Chittor in 1303, he gloated: ‘ Praise be to God! That he so ordered the massacre of all chiefs of Hind out of the pale of Islam, by his infidel$smiting swords… in the name of this Kha
lifa of God, that heterodoxy has no rights (in India) .’
He took poetic delight in describing Malik Kafur’s destruction of a famous Hindu temple in South India and
the grisly slaughter of the Hindus and their priest s therein.
In describing the slaughter, he wrote, ‘…the heads of brahmans and idolaters danced from their necks and fell to the ground at their feet, and blood flowed in torrents . ’ In his bigoted delight at the miserable subjugation of Hindus and the barbarous triumph of Islam in India, he wrote:The whole country, by means of the sword of our holy warriors, has become like a forest

denuded of its thorns by fire? Islam is triumphant,idolatry is subdued. Had not the Law granted exemption from death by the payment of polltax, the very name of Hind, root and branch,would have been extinguished.
Amir Khasrau described many instances of barbaric cruelty, often of catastrophic proportions, inflicted by Muslim conquerors upon the Hindus. But nowhere did he show any sign of grief or remorse, but only gloating delight. While describing those acts of barbarism,he invariably expressed gratitude to Allah, and glory to Muhammad, for enabling the Muslim warriors achieve those glorious feats.

Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan – A cult by a fraud Guru

In the last few years, there has been an outpouring of research refuting many of the claims of YB. Of course the Bhajanists are horrified and will not even acknowledge the existence of this information. Rather, when anyone points it out, the Bhajanists immediately refer to them as “haters”, “enviers” or “slanderers”. But they never, ever will discuss the facts. These people who go around saying “Satnam” (Truth is the Name of God) about every thirty seconds, show zero interest in truth when it is not to their liking.

What are some of these lies?

1. That YB was a master of KY at 16 years old.

2. That KY – as taught by YB – is an ancient science, thousands of years old.

3. That the “Adi Shakti Symbol” (known to Sikhs as the Nishan Sahib) is an ancient symbol which stands for the Divine Feminine

4. That YB was given the title of Siri Singh Sahib at the Akal Takhat.

5. That YB was a celibate Yogi.

6. That YB created 200,000 Sikhs of American descent.

A little surfing on the web and one can easily uncover this info. I will say again, 3HO was built on a web of lies. Anyone who is involved with KY and 3HO have a right to know this.

7. Yogi Bhajan….has left a legacy of hope (cynicism), inspiration (ruin and despair), and technology (quackery) for future generations and the upliftment of humanity (to provide himself with money, sex, and power).

8. Yogi Bhajan was..a deeply devoted Sikh, his inspiration and example motivated thousands to embrace the Sikh way of life. (He was New Age Hindu, and he trained a few hundred students in his way of life – New Age/Hinduism).

9. When he (Yogi Bhajan) was just eight years old he began his yogic training with an enlightened teacher, Sant Hazara Singh, who proclaimed him to be a Master of Kundalini Yoga when he was sixteen and a half. (All fabricated nonsence). Neither was Yogi Bhajan a qualified Yoga student nor was Sant Hazara Singh a Kundalini Yoga expert.

10. During the turmoil of partition in 1947, at the age of 18, he left his village of 7000 people, near what is Lahore Pakistan today, 325 miles on foot to safety in New Delhi, India. (Yes, YB traveled during partition into India from Pakistan, but he was not “the leader”, just another victim of partition.)

11. Breaking the centuries old tradition of secrecy surrounding the empowering science of Kundalini Yoga, he began teaching it publicly. (Lies, lies lies! Read: From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric)

12. In 1973, Yogi Bhajan founded 3HO SuperHealth, a remarkably successful drugless, drug rehabilitation program… In 1973 it distinguished itself as being in the top 10% of all treatment programs throughout the U.S. (3Ho SuperHealth was NOT a successful drug rehab program at all, quite the contrary).

13. He (Yogi Bhajan) became a trusted management consultant for 14 corporations worldwide, representing industries as diverse as health food manufacturing (KIIT-Golden Temple Foods), computer systems (Sun and Son), and security services (Akal Security).

(BUZZer! This statement is true! Yogi Bhajan was actually a “trusted management consultant” for Akal Security! THAT isn’t a lie! Rather it is a very scary truth.)

14. Yogi Bhajan earned his Ph.D.(from a known diploma mill “college”) with his dissertation titled “Communication: Liberation or Condemnation.” (Nope, YB didn’t earn it. X-Bhajanists remember that it was his student MSS Gurucharan Singh Khalsa who wrote YB’s thesis.)

15: The cause of (YB’s) death was complications due to heart failure. (Complications that included obesity, diabetes, kidney failure, and a sketchy E. Indian kidney transplant!). Ofcourse a Yoga Guru of his repute lived a very unhealthy lifestyle.

The greatest lies of the sons of daughters of Bhajan are the lies of omission. The open secrets, the things that they know and experienced, but never talk about.

1) YB had sex with his secretaries, and often the sex was violent, forced, and done to young women.
2) YB was awful in person to his students and would berate them with horrifying vulgar, sexist, racist, homophobic, and nasty verbal attacks and threats.
3) YB never did sadhana, never did yoga, and lived an incredibly unhealthy, un-yogic lifestyle.
4) YB was ruled by money and since money meant so much to him, he forced many Bhajanists to live in poverty, treated students with money much better than those without, and directly and indirectly led many of his students to engage in unethical and illegal activity to make and hand over the kind of money that would make him happy (for the moment).

And finally, on the topic of lies, St Augustine classified lies about religious teaching to be the worst kind of lies.

Yogi Bhajan told his followers to place this photo on an altar

Now deceased “Yogi Bhajan” (a.k.a. Harbhajan Singh Puri), a notorious guru and purported “cult leader,” was recently honored posthumously through a joint resolution of the United States Congress. Followers of the man who took the title “Siri Singh Sahib” (SSS) now boast that their dead leader shares the same honor bestowed upon Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa reported Indian Express Newspapers.

This is just one more accolade arranged by diehard SSS devotees and the guru’s old political cronies since his death on October 6, 2004.

Bhajan was the founder and absolute leader of a relatively small group called the “Healthy, Happy Holy Organization” (3HO) based in the United States with a membership of a few thousand Americans that often took on Sikh names like “Singh,” “Khalsa” and wore white.

Prominent sociologist and Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Offshe stated in an affidavit that “3HO exhibits characteristics common to cult organizations.”

The well-scripted praise heaped upon Bhajan since his demise includes no less than a “presidential proclamation” by George W. Bush and flags ordered lowered to half-mast by the Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson.

The resolution by congress cites the alleged cult leader’s “legendary compassion, wisdom, kindness, and courage.”

However, his former followers have less than glowing things to say about the dead guru. Many claim that 3HO exploited them and hurt their families. And some women have said that the guru’s attentions were less than spiritual. A former secretary once sued Bhajan for sexual harassment and gross misconduct.

Her lawsuit stated, “The method by which Bhajan induced others to follow him was to pose as a Yoga master and teacher, and then covertly subject yoga students to a process of mental and emotional conditioning in which their personalities are disrupted and ultimately destroyed.”

But lawsuits against Bhajan and/or his businesses were quietly settled and the guru lived a life of luxury, until his death last year at 75.

Harbahjan Sigh Puri (a.k.a. “Yogi Bhajan”) immigrated to the US in the 1970s and built a following amongst largely white, middle-class Americans. He started as a yoga teacher, but soon declared himself a religious leader. His idiosyncratic brand of religion was a blend of yoga, meditation and his quirky personal philosophy. And that composite belief system was frequently denounced and/or criticized by more mainstream and traditional Sikhs.

Over the years Bhajan put together a multi-million dollar financial empire, largely through the devotion, donations and hard work of his American followers. His business interests included AKAL Security, one of the largest private security companies in North America, which relied heavily upon government contracts. He also marketed teas, herbs and assorted health food.

In the 1980s SSS’s right hand man “Gurujot Singh Khalsa” (a.k.a. Robert Alvin Taylor) was criminally indicted for conspiring to import more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana into the US. He was subsequently sentenced to a term in federal prison.

Bhajan was also known for his astute political connections and New Mexico was his main sphere of influence. 3HO maintains a large compound near Espanola, NM where numerous programs and retreats are staged.

Governor Bill Richardson, a long-time political crony, once rushed in a state-owned helicopter to be on time for his appearance as a keynote speaker at an event within the guru’s ashram.

The House resolution honoring Yogi Bhajan sponsored by US Congressman Tom Udall of New Mexico passed by a voice-recorded vote of 405 to 0.

Reportedly 3HO has spread south from New Mexico to old Mexico, and has a following in that nation’s capital city.

Mexican devotees wear the typically white dress of Bhajan’s followers and practice his peculiar form of “Kundalini Yoga” reported India Abroad of Toronto.

SSS may be dead, but his multi-million dollar financial empire and old political cronies continue to live on. This can be seen not as a legacy of “legendary…courage,” but as the residue of collected political favors, business connections, continued proselytizing, real estate assets and plain old hard cash.

Kundalini Yoga is a cult and not connected to Sikhism or Yoga

Yogi Bhajans Kundalini Yoga so agonizing and shocking with the ingenious yoga fantasies, prophecies, distortions of Gurbani, and misquotations from Sikh scriptures. The innocence and blissful ignorance of the Americans, who unfortunately have been accepting every odd brain wave of Yogi Bhajan as Gospel Truth. No matter what he says or writes, it sends vibrations and magnetic waves through their mind, body and soul, and according to their conviction every vibration stimulates their pituitary and pineal glands. Yogi Bhajan teaches Sikhism to American young men and women whose sincerity, nobility of purpose, and rare passion for oriental wisdom and genuine mystical experiences is unquestionably unique. I do not care what fantastic interpretations of Kundalini Yoga he gives, the like of which I have never read in any Tantra text, nor known from any living Tantric scholar. Yogi Bhajan does not wear the earrings of the Nath Panthi Yogis, but he wears precious gold rings (sometimes two and sometimes three) heavily studded with jewels, and cannot help displaying them ostentatiously, probably as a symbol of wealth acquired through the techniques of Tantric Yoga, which he sacrilegiously identifies with the techniques of Sikh mysticism. Bhai Gurdas, however, makes it clear to all Sikhs of all ages that Yoga asanas and yoga techniques are absolutely useless and unnecessary for Sikh meditations and the spiritual path of Sikhism.

The Guru has himself explained to the Sikhs the technique of true Yoga, and it is this: A Sikh must live in such a moral and spiritual poise that while hoping and waiting he ceases to aspire or crave for low ambitions and remains unconcerned and detached. He should eat little and drink little. He should speak little and never waste time in nonsensical discussion. He should sleep little at night and keep away from the snare of wealth. He should never crave avariciously after wealth and property.

Bhai Gurdas, Var 20 / 15

Although the philosophical terminology of the ancient systems like Samkhya, Vedanta and Yoga was accepted by Guru Nanak, he completely rejected the Yoga System as enunciated by Patanjali and his commentator Vyasa. As I have already indicated, the use of terminology is to express the Concepts of Sikhism on the same themes of knowledge and experience as indicated by these terms.

Radhe Maa : Are Indians so blind to consider her as Godwoman?

2 1

Indians and their blind faith in godmen and godwomen is hardly a secret and sooner or later these self-styled gurus end up making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa, known for her lavish lifestyle and high-profile ‘devotees’, has been booked under the Dowry Prohibition Act. As if that was not enough, pictures of Radhe Maa surfaced on social media where she is seen dancing to the beats of Bollywood song.

A big fan of actor and former porn star Sunny Leone, Radhe Maa in these pictures is dressed in a short red skirt posing for the camera. The pictures were posted by Rahul Mahajan, son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, on twitter.

Falguni Brahmbhatt, a lawyer, has filed a police complaint against Radhe Maa for running a business in the name of religion and misleading innocent people, a  report said.

The self-proclaimed godwoman has been banned from visiting Nashik for the upcoming Kumbh Mela, after she was booked in the dowry harassment case, a PTI report said.

Mahant Gyandas, who also claims to be the president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad endorsed the demand by the Dwarkapeeth Shankaracharya Swami Swarupanand Saraswati and said, “The entry of pretenders is rising in the sacred arena of sadhus and mahants. Trikal Bhavanta, Radhe Maa, and Sachchidananda, who is a liquor professional should be restrained from participating in ‘shahi snan‘ (sacred bath).”

The godwoman is also in trouble for instigating the husband and in-laws of a woman to demand dowry from her. The woman claimed that her parents had given jewellery worth Rs 102 crore at the time of her marriage. But Radhe Maa allegedly asked her in-laws to pressurise the woman to get more dowry from her parents.

Meanwhile, another woman hurled more allegations against Radhe Maa. The self-styled godwoman has been accused of performing obscene and vulgar dance steps with her followers during satsangs.

Bangladesh in turmoil, must stop persecuting Hindus: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Bangladesh in turmoil, must stop persecuting Hindus: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

WASHINGTON, DC: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D, HI-02), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, has introduced a bipartisan resolution calling on the government of Bangladesh to increase human rights protections, strengthen democratic institutions, and prevent the growth of extremist groups in the country.

The resolution comes as ISIS and other trans-national radical Islamic groups continue to grow their influence in areas like South Asia.

The co-sponsors of the resolution include Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee Chairman Matt Salmon (R, AZ-05) and Rep. Bob Dold (R, IL-10).

In a speech on the House floor introducing the resolution, Gabbard stated, “Bangladesh is a country in turmoil. There are many concerns about the stability of the country, particularly since flawed elections were held last year, and the political violence that has ensued. I am particularly concerned over issues of religious freedom, and specifically, attacks against minority Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and others, in Bangladesh. All too often perpetrators of crimes against minorities go unpunished. It’s up to the government of Bangladesh to take action to stop those who incite and commit violence and protect the rights of these minorities. [This resolution] calls on the government of Bangladesh to protect the human rights of all its citizens, particularly its vulnerable minorities, strengthen democratic institutions and rule of law, and prevent the growth of extremist groups.”

Salmon said in a statement: “It was an honor to work on this resolution with Rep. Gabbard. In Bangladesh, there is great potential. Through this resolution, we have encouraged Bangladesh to embrace non-violent democratic competition and rule of law, and to shirk political violence and religious extremism. We expect Bangladesh to respect human dignity, honor commitments to freedom of expression and religion, and protect the human rights of all citizens, no matter one’s political disposition, creed, or religion. This resolution reaffirms our dedication to these principles.”

Dold said in a statement: “Religious persecution is on the rise around the world, with 77% of the world’s population now living in countries with high restrictions on religious freedom. As the greatest force for human dignity in the world, the United States has an obligation to send the unequivocal message that we will not tolerate countries that fail to protect the fundamental freedoms of all citizens, especially minorities. I am pleased to join with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle calling on the government of Bangladesh to protect the rights of minorities, eliminate violent extremist groups and restore the rule of law.”

Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority nation in South Asia, is the world’s eighth most populous country in the world. The country’s faltering democratic system has been subjected to an array of pressures in recent years, including a combination of political violence, corruption, poverty, and increasingly, Islamist militancy.

Religious minorities, including Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and Ahmadiyya Muslims, in Bangladesh face high levels of persecution, including the destruction of temples, homes and businesses.


Gold & Silver Scams to Avoid

So perhaps you’ve decided to invest in gold and/or silver; but wait!

There are a few things you need to know before you begin your journey with precious metals.

At, we have spent years educating our customers on the virtues of investing in gold and silver, and we believe those who have made the choice to invest in precious metals, specifically silver and gold, are going to be on the winning side of a massive impending wealth transfer. But that doesn’t mean all precious metals investments are the same.

We personally invest in gold bullion and silver bullion right alongside our customers, so we have a vested interest in not only figuring out the optimal timing in the marketplace, but also figuring out the best vehicles in which to make an investment in precious metals.

Over the years, a vast number of precious metals-type investments have proliferated in the marketplace, but are they the real deal or are they dangerous to your long-term financial health? Many precious metals-type investments offer some benefits, but can also multiply your risk.

Rest assured, we at have done the research, we can help streamline your learning process and hopefully, help you to make the right investment choices the first time you commit to buy.

Before people invest in precious metals, they must understand their reasons for doing so. For most of us, the goals are wealth preservation and the chance for spectacular gains. There are easy, safe, and low-cost ways to accomplish those goals.

Shortly, we will tell you the best way to invest in precious metals, but first, it’s important you learn the worst possible silver and gold scams.  By knowing about potentially dangerous precious metals investments you will better understand the stakes and more easily make the right investment decisions for yourself and your family.

1. Numismatics

A numismatic coin is a collector coin that has value in excess of its metal content because it is historical or rare. As a gold and silver bullion dealer, people often expect us to carry numismatics coins—but we don’t. Why? Because collector coins are a different investment than gold and silver bullion.

When you invest in a numismatic coin, you are taking a major risk because you are already deep in the hole as soon as you purchase the coin. If you don’t believe us, try buying and immediately selling a numismatic coin—you’re likely to lose anywhere between 20 and 50% of your purchase price right off the bat.

Consider this: when you buy a numismatic coin you pay three different layers of costs—1) the cost of the metal, 2) the dealer’s spread, and 3) the numismatic premium. The numismatic premium can range anywhere from a few bucks to a few hundred thousand bucks.

That means before you are “in the money,” the market price of your coin must have gone up more than enough to cover the numismatic premium. Until then, your collector coin will be a loser.

Over the years, gold and silver dealers have build a mythos around numismatic coins—as if they offer some mystical advantage to plain gold and silver bullion. Those myths have been created, not because numismatic coins are good for the buyer, but because they are good for the seller.

The biggest myth about numismatic coins is that the government can never confiscate them.  The second biggest collector coin myth is that they do not have to be reported to the government. Less-than-scrupulous precious metals dealers have made a living selling “non-confiscatable” and “non-reportable coins” that come with a hefty numismatic premium and hefty price tag.

The “non-confiscatable” myth refers back to 1933, when U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in a misguided attempt to combat deflation and stabilize the U.S. dollar in the throes of the Great Depression, signed into law an Executive Order 6102 that banned U.S. citizens from owning any gold—if you didn’t exchange your gold for Federal Reserve notes, you could be sentenced for up to 10 years in prison.

The only exception under Roosevelt’s order was collectible gold coins (rare or unusual, having “a recognized special value” to the owner). That exception to the law spawned myths that persist to this day: it is simply untrue that gold coins minted prior to 1933 are “non-reportable” and “non-confiscatable.”

By describing these old coins as non-reportable and non-confiscatable, the dealer implies to the customer that coins minted after 1933 are “reportable” to the government and “confiscatable” by the government. Understandably, many customers are spooked by those prospects and are persuaded to purchase heavy premium pre-1933 collectible coins—usually earning the dealer a nice, hefty profit.

Our suggestion is that unless you are an expert in numismatic coins, avoid them—their fundamental drivers are different from those that drive bullion, and during a financial crisis, when we want our wealth to be most protected, numismatic coins may leave you high and dry.

For more on why we avoid numismatic collector coins, please click here.

2. Pools & Certificates

When you buy into a bullion pool or certificate, you become a creditor of the bullion bank storing your precious metals. Just as when you deposit your currency at a bank, the bank doesn’t keep your dollars separate from everyone else’s dollars; the bank simply tells you in your bank statements or online how much it owes you—essentially, your wealth is transmuted into digits in a computer.

Legally, however, when you buy into a gold pool or certificate program, the bank becomes the owner of your precious metals.

If the bullion bank gets into financial trouble, (gasp! Imagine that!) it can sell your gold to maintain its assets at a level where it won’t get shut down and where it will avoid a run on the bank.

In that instance, you won’t be paid back in gold, but rather in currency—less currency than the value of the gold the bank owed you—because logically a bank in trouble almost certainly would be forced to sell your assets at fire-sale prices. If you live in a country with some kind of bank deposit protection (such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in the United States or Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the U.K.), your gold will not be covered. That’s because deposit insurance only applies to currency—meaning that, in the likely event of a bank crash, currency deposits are safer than unallocated gold.

So why would anyone invest in one of these types of sketchy accounts? Simple. It’s cheap and easy… and everyone loves cheap and easy, right?

Purchasing gold or silver through pools or certificate programs is cheaper than purchasing a like amount of physical gold or silver, primarily because most pools or certificates hold the metals in unallocated storage—which means your metals are comingled with everyone else’s metal. What’s yours is not yours—and in the event that your bullion bank goes under—it’s theirs.

If you are going to store precious metals, take a look at our bonded and insured silver and gold vaulting options in Salt Lake City, Miami, Hong Kong, etc. These vault storage options are both segregated and allocated, which means that your metals are stored separately in your name and are owned by you alone. If we go under, your metals stay in your name, and you will never be beholden to a bank.

For more on Pools & Certificates and other gold and silver scams, click here.

3. Leverage Accounts

Leveraged investing is when you borrow currency in order to invest. In a traditional investment strategy, you might set aside a certain amount every month to be invested, so that the principal you had invested would grow over time, compounded by any earnings on the investment. With a leveraged investment, you would invest a large sum up-front, then make regular payments to pay back the amount you borrowed, plus the interest. The potential advantage of the leveraged investment is that there is a supposedly larger amount earning returns over a longer period of time. If the return on your investment is greater than the principal borrowed plus the interest, your leveraged investment has outperformed a traditional investment.

Leverage can dramatically increase your investment winnings, and leverage can be great for those who are educated in the proper techniques and are skilled in its use.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing (and sometimes even if you do), leverage can also magnify your losses to 100% and beyond. It’s this simple: when you introduce leverage… you introduce risk.

Margin investment is borrowing money from your broker to buy a stock and using your investment as collateral. Margin generally enables the investor to own more stock without paying full price for it. The downside to margin is, if your investment loses money, your losses are exponentially greater. In the case of margin, you are going up against a mathematical formula and compounding fees that are engineered to work against the novice.

Leveraged investing is the realm of professionals who know no greed or fear; they just know the odds and the numbers, and they know how to eat the little guy for breakfast. You never know who’s taking the other side of the bet. Many times you are going up against very “Deep Pocket” traders such as mutual funds and hedge funds. Either way, if you’re not better than they are… you’re dead.

For more on the risks of Leverage Accounts, click here

4. Futures & Options

Futures and Options are contracts that can give precious metals investors leverage, which can magnify their gains, but also, magnify their losses.

If there were to be a default on the commodities exchanges during the coming gold and silver rush, we believe the exchanges could change the rules to allow liquidation orders only.

In that case, investors holding futures contracts for gold or silver would be forced to accept payment in cash (currency) instead of redeeming their shares for physical silver or gold, as their contracts entitle them to do. In an alternate scenario the exchanges might freeze prices on all open contracts, while prices on gold and silver for immediate delivery and off exchange silver (silver in private hands or silver in private vaults outside of the commodities exchanges) continue to shoot for the moon. It has happened before, and it will likely happen again.

For more on the risks of gold and silver futures and options, click here.

5. Gold ETFs / Silver ETFs

When you invest in a gold or silver exchange-traded fund, you do not become the sole owner of actual gold or silver. For an ETF represented to be backed by gold or silver, the fund managers will contract with a custodian to hold the gold or silver in a vault. The custodian is usually a large, international bank, serving as a custodian for numerous customers. Most of the time, because the custodian is a huge multi-national corporation with thousands of accounts, when gold or silver is bought or sold, the metal never physically moves. Title to the bars of gold or silver is simply transferred from the seller to the buyer as a book entry in a massive computer network.

This is where problems can arise: If the custodian is allowed to appoint sub-custodians, and the sub-custodians are allowed to appoint sub-sub-custodians and so on, now the gold or silver is spread out over various geographic locations. The only way to prove these sub-custodians hold enough gold or silver at any given point in time to fully back the account is for the ETF to require the custodian and all sub-custodians to be audited, during non-trading hours, all on the same day. If the gold ETF or silver ETF does not regularly require this type of audit of its custodian and sub-custodians, chances are high that the same physical gold may be purchased or owned by the same entity or individual at the same time.

Many metals experts believe that silver ETFs and gold ETFs may hold less than the amount of precious metals they supposedly own or none at all.

For most of us precious metals investors, the essence of keeping your hard-earned wealth in precious metals is to own a physical asset that can weather any economic storm. When you put your wealth in ETFs, you simply become an unsecured creditor of a mega-bank that will happily gobble up your wealth if financial turmoil strikes.

As is true of any electronic or paper form of wealth, the investor can be denied access to the value of his or her gold ETF or silver ETF shares due to Acts of God, war, force majeure, confiscation, computer glitches, fraud, insolvency, lawsuits, liens, garnishment, etc. Given those caveats, coupled with the very real possibility that silver and gold ETFs are not backed by physical gold or silver, investing in real, physical gold or silver will always be the safer bet. The higher premiums investors pay for physical gold and silver stored either their home or in a segregated fully insured vault account seems a small price to pay in exchange for a safe and secure investment.

One final note on silver and gold ETFs, due to high annual ETF management fees, more often than not, it is much less expensive to store precious metals in a private, segregated, fully insured gold and silver vault as opposed to having your silver ETF or gold ETF shares diluted from exchange trade fund or ETF management fees.

For more on why physical bullion stored in a private segregated vault is a much wiser choice over gold ETFs and or silver ETFs, click here.

6. Pump & Dump Scams – It’s the Wild West Out There!

The advent of the internet is a turning point in history.  We are fortunate to be living through a period of expanding enlightened communications the world has never seen.  Given that the internet is less than a generation old, some have compared it to the ‘Wild West’.   Today, almost anyone has access to staggering amounts of both valuable and invaluable information. When it comes to information about precious metals investing, this comparison is spot on.

How does one sort out good content sources and information from the bad?

The web is rife with people out to cheat and steal from you, and their methods are becoming more sophisticated by the day.  What alarms us here at, is that some of the ongoing scams are so precisely tuned that they operate in the open, and are often defended and even celebrated by their victims!

‘Pump and Dump’ scams rely on manipulating an investor’s greed and lack of knowledge, and have been around as long as people have been digging holes in the ground. Whether it’s oil wells, diamonds, gold or silver…the essential tricks are the same, here’s how they work:

The con usually starts with a thinly traded company or a corporation with a limited track record.  The individuals looking to benefit from a ‘pump and dump’ typically acquire company shares at a very cheap price, normally pennies a share (this is where the term ‘penny stock’ comes from).

They then market (or ‘pump’) the stock as the ‘next big thing’.  In the old days this was done via telephone or newsletters, recently the trend has been for owners of these penny stocks to seek out internet bloggers and video makers who have a large following, and pay them to advertise their company, often with highly questionable claims and data.  Potential investors hear claims like: “This silver discovery may be the highest grade exploration in decades, and you are going to want to get in on the ground floor, the company’s share price may more than triple shortly.”

When new investors flood in, their purchases and fresh capital cause a thinly traded stock to rise quickly.  It is precisely then that the unscrupulous pumpers sell (or ‘dump’) their previous cheaply purchased equities at newly bloated prices.  As a result, the aforementioned new investors are simply left holding a bag of plummeting, worthless stock shares.

Beware Of The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

In the most extreme circumstances, pump and dumpers have set out from the very beginning to create a large and loyal internet following, on whom they can eventually prey upon.

On the surface, these scam artists can be hard to spot because they appear to be offering fantastic information in line with the needs of the common man. They can create fantastic videos and articles, using themes of liberty and freedom to entice people into signing up for their email lists. Quite often they will spend thousands of  dollars promoting their videos online. Inevitably, the ‘pump’ emails start to arrive in the in-boxes of thousands of unwary folks, of whom a marketing message of greed is endorsed, and the business end of the scam commences.

So how do you spot these ‘pump and dump’ operations?

For the most part, all that is required is some common sense.  First, investors should always perform proper due diligence on any potential investment they may embark upon.

Almost anyone can make a cutting edge, emotionally connecting video on today’s shaky economy.  What about their track record?  Do they have a historic background of successful financial insights or advertisements?  One should always learn as much background information as possible on the messenger(s) and their track record(s).

As with any industry, all it takes are a few bad apples to ruin it for the good guys, of whom there are plenty within the precious metals sector.

In summary

– Beware of penny stock promoters on the internet.
– If you have signed up for a precious metals related newsletter, but you are being bombarded with ‘alternate’ investment options – be extremely cautious.
– Be wary of bloggers and video makers who preach the bible of physical precious metals ownership, only to offer you speculative mining shares.
– Keep in mind that some popular ‘educational’ videos are nothing more than an email list generator for future scams yet employed.
– Be vigilant.  Always perform proper due diligence, check backgrounds and track records, and finally use common sense.  If you have interest in gold and silver mining stocks.

Iran Promises to ‘Annihilate’ Israel in New Book

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vows to introduce ‘Israel fatigue’ to the world, drive out Israeli Jews through fear in new official publication.

When the Iran deal was announced last month, US President Barack Obama said “it is possible to change” while referencing Iran’s threats to “eradicate Israel,” and called for a “different path” of “tolerance” from the Islamic regime.

But now, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has published a new book this week – on the topic of outwitting the US and destroying Israel.

The book, entitled “Palestine,” is only available in Iran, the New York Post reported Saturday – but an Arabic translation is reportedly in the works. It lists Khamenei as “the flagbearer of Jihad to liberate Jerusalem” – and justifies the eradication of the Jewish state not as “European” anti-Semitism, but as an outcropping of “well-established Islamic principles.”

One of these principles is the idea that land conquered by Muslims cannot ever be ceded to non-Muslims – a principle which, in Islamist ideology, justifies the takeover of any number of modern-day countries, spanning from Europe to China.

Khamenei places conquering the Jewish state at an even higher level, the Post says – as the “ally of the American Great Satan,” for acts of war which brand it a “hostile infidel,” and for “Judaizing” the Jewish holy city of Jerusalem, which Khamenei insists is “Islam’s third holy city.”

The dictator rejects the idea of a physical “massacre,” as he puts it, instead advocating to drive the Jews out of Israel through an ongoing fear campaign. In Khamenei’s logic, most Israeli Jews have dual nationality, and would prefer to emigrate to Europe or the US instead of face the possibility of a war with Iran – or another war via its proxies, including Hezbollah.

Internationally, he says, Israel will begin to suffer as the global community experiences “Israel fatigue,” and decides that a relationship with the Jewish state is not worth their time.

Then, he promises a “one-state solution” – the State of Palestine, established by a UN mandate, wherein Israelis would have little to no rights – and people claiming “Palestinian heritage” could flood the region via a “Right of Return.”