Amir Khasrau : The Anti-Hindu Sufi

Amir Khasrau
Shaykh Nizamuddin Auliya’s exalted disciple, is lauded as the greatest liberal Sufi poet of medieval India. His coming toIndia, deem many modern historians, as a blessing for the subcontinent. He had the good fortune of working at
the royal court of three successive sultans. Regarded as one of India’s greatest poets, he is also credited
with being a great contributor to Indian classical music and the creator of Qawwali (Sufi devotional music). The invention of the Tabla (an Indian drum) is usually attributed to him. There is little doubt about Amir Khasrau’s achievements in music and poetry. But when it came to the fallen infidels and their religion, his bigoted Islamic zeal was very much evident. In describing
Muslim victories against the Hindu kings, he mocks their religious traditions, such as “tree” and “stoneidol ” worship.
Mocking the stoneidols, destroyed by Muslim warriors, he wrote: ‘Praise be to God for his exaltation of the
religion of Muhammad. It is not to be doubted that  stones are worshipped by the Gabrs (derogatory slang for
idolaters), but as stones did no service to them, they only bore to heaven the futility of that worship.’
Amir Khasrau showed delight in describing the barbaric slaughter of Hindu captives by Muslim warriors. Describing Khizr Khan’s order to massacre 30,000 Hindus in the conquest of Chittor in 1303, he gloated: ‘ Praise be to God! That he so ordered the massacre of all chiefs of Hind out of the pale of Islam, by his infidel$smiting swords… in the name of this Kha
lifa of God, that heterodoxy has no rights (in India) .’
He took poetic delight in describing Malik Kafur’s destruction of a famous Hindu temple in South India and
the grisly slaughter of the Hindus and their priest s therein.
In describing the slaughter, he wrote, ‘…the heads of brahmans and idolaters danced from their necks and fell to the ground at their feet, and blood flowed in torrents . ’ In his bigoted delight at the miserable subjugation of Hindus and the barbarous triumph of Islam in India, he wrote:The whole country, by means of the sword of our holy warriors, has become like a forest

denuded of its thorns by fire? Islam is triumphant,idolatry is subdued. Had not the Law granted exemption from death by the payment of polltax, the very name of Hind, root and branch,would have been extinguished.
Amir Khasrau described many instances of barbaric cruelty, often of catastrophic proportions, inflicted by Muslim conquerors upon the Hindus. But nowhere did he show any sign of grief or remorse, but only gloating delight. While describing those acts of barbarism,he invariably expressed gratitude to Allah, and glory to Muhammad, for enabling the Muslim warriors achieve those glorious feats.